About me

Who am I?

I was born in Bangkok, Thailand, but gravitated to the United States through my exposure to American independent film and music. I am interested in visual arts and visual science. Like most children, I started drawing when I was young, fascinated by the materials and ability to create illusion through two dimensions. Drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, web design, and film continue to occupy me. My work in these various subjects help me explore more in the next levels with a different perspective.

What is my background?

My career started in 1993 at Film Factory, Bangkok, Thailand, as a casting assistant. In this position I learned how to study people. After that, I received the opportunity to change my focus to film editing and worked as an assistant editor of the Thai feature film, " Fun Bar Karaoke" and the following film, "6ixtynin9", which took an award at the Berlin Film Festival. Continually, I became involved in the whole post-production process at the Film Factory, in both traditional film and digital technology. It inspired me to explore more. In 2000, I decided to study abroad and I attended a program in Computer Arts, Visual Effects major at Academy of Art University in San Francisco and graduated in 2003.

What is my goal?

Design and develop instructional materials effectively, accessibly, and sustainably for learners. I believe education can help people to be successful and every person has a different way of learning. Some may learn better with textual content, some with visuals, and some with interactivity. My goal is to apply my technical and artistic skills, knowledge and research from instructional design program to motivate and encourage learning for every learner.

Experience + Education

The graphic below is a SVG graphic that users can use a screen reader to listen the experience and education that I have developed for each year.
To listen: Use Chrome browser and install ChromeVox, then press Tab key to navigate each graphic element.
To read: Put the mouse over the year

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