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Crying Buddha oil painting Windows watercolor Drips oil painting River watercolor Crowd watercolor Wonderland-Charcoal Muscle Men White charcoal on Black cardboard Alley in San Francisco - Oil painting Lemon and lime still life oil painting A model portrait-charcoal on white paper Golden jar still life-oil painting Green Bottle still life-oil painting Purple flowers in a glass jar-still life oil painting A drawing of a coconut, bananas, orange, lemongrass, garic and chili-Charcoal and graphite on white paper A garden path landscape oil painting

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Drawing and painting are activities that I enjoy doing for my leisure time. Some of the sample works I did during my Computer Arts program in San Francisco and some of them I did for my pleasure. The artistic skill and creativity does not only affect me as a hobby, but also to my work. I am able to integrate and use it for design the work projects I do. My favorite medium for drawing is charcoal and graphite, and for painting is oil and watercolor.

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