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These videos are the sample projects that I have experienced in multiple roles. My background was in Film and TV Commercial back when I was in Thailand. My role was managing and coordinating post porduction process. When I started working at Portland Community College (PCC) in 2007, it was a new experience for me and it changed my perspective. The outcome of education gives a large value. It can change people's lives. There are several work projects that I have done for 7 years in different areas include, color correction, sound recording, media conversion and closed captioning.

education (2008 - 2012)

Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning was one of the most daily tasks I have been doing. The sample projects below show a variety of issues that I encountered, for example there was a limited of software in the past, a combination of multiple languages to display, damaged video sources, incomplete transcript and sound was not synchronized. Each issue needed different methods and software to resolved.

Video: Skin Deep Video: The Take Video: The secret of wild child Video: Leah Gibson Video: Nondiscrimination & Non-harassment Introduction SOC 231 video: Charlene Drewry Video: Midwife

Improve Audio Quality

Occasionally, I got low quality audio. It is an important asset for closed captioning process. Below is audio samples that include an audio before and after I performed improving process. The issues of samples were variety, such as low volume sound, too much ambient noise, or damaged from the original audio.

DL Advising Focus Group Audio (Before)

DL Advising Focus Group Audio (After)

Yoga Audio (Before)

Yoga Audio (After)

Math 20 Lesson 6 Audio (Before)

Math 20 Lesson 6 Audio (After)

Sound Recording

One of great opportunities that I had with PCC Video Production Unit was became a sound recordist. With a little knowledge from my background, I started researching and spending my weekends learning about sound and how to use the sound device. These sample videos show a variety of sound production I did from recording a few people to a large group in different environments. One of the most challenge projects is Plein Air Smackdown in Portland Oregon. There were a big group of people and many activities were happening at the same time. A variety of projects helped me gain more experience and capability to select the right equipment for each project and accomplished the sound recording production.

Color Correction

Colorist was one of my great skills that I discovered. My background in film/video post production and education in fine arts provided me capability to understand how the combination of art and science in color works together. Why does video need color correction? Without color correction, the video may look dark, light or pale because the light temperature during recording could be changed. My process of correcting color was first analysing the video content. For example what kind of video, if the content involves emotion, color should support the mood and tone of the video and that is how I did for the first step. Two common software application that I used, depending on how the video was edited, were Color and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Commercials (2004)

Visual Effects and Post-production producer

This showreel was a combination of TV Commercials I did during returned to Thailand for six months. I was able to use the skills and knowledge that I obtained from Academy of Art University to manage the Visual Effects and post production process. I tested and coordinated with production and post production before the actual production. I was able to give advice to the team, used software applications to show the tested result and communicated with the team.

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