Instructional Design Collection

Interactive Learning

Interactive eLearning and PowerPoint Presentation

I designed and developed these three projects to demonstrate my instructional design knowledge and skills in using a variety of software applications. From left, the Accessibility eTraining was done in Adobe Captivate 8, Photoshop and Illustrator. Next is "Making Word Document Accessible" was demonstrated my HTML and CSS programming skills using Adobe Dreamweaver. Consistency is one of the keys that I emphasized in learning environment. The course includes six lessons with content in multiple formats, such as media, text-based, and to demonstrate the concept of universal design. Each lesson structures consistently. It consists of lecture, example, and exercise. The last projet on the most right is an interactive presentation. I used PowerPoint as a main software for interactivity and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for developing graphics.

Interactive Scenarios Web Curriculum Making Word Document Accessible Interactive Scenarios

Print-based and electronic Handbooks

Accessibility Guidelines Handbook

Web Accessibility Guidelines

I designed and developed this Accessibility Guidelines handbook to use for scafolding and training. This is the second edition. It has been used broadly in colleges and universities across the countries. It has been published in print over a thousand copies

Accessibility Guidelines Handbook

Complex Images for All Learners

This project was designed and developed for my capstone project. I also used this project in a real world to use as a training resource for online faculty. My role is an instructional designer, graphic designer and author. It was printed over 750 copies and have used at Portland Community College. I used Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop to complete the project.

Accessibility Guidelines Handbook

What Works Well

This handbook has been used and published broadly at Portland Community College (PCC) to promote online education and use as an informative guidelines for online faculty. The goal is to have everyone who involved in online education are in the same pace. My role is as a graphic designer and print production coordinator. It has been printed over thousands copies.


Design process

I started designing infographics in 2015 and it bacomes my passion since than. The designing process is straightforward. I started from mapping out who is the target audience, the goal, and what message to convey. Then I started sketching what types of graphics would be the best to represent. Sketching on a notebook is the best way to collect my ideas and see the layout in the big picture. Next, I use Adobe Illustrator to block layout graphic elements.

These infographics are varied from multiple projects. Purposely, I designed them to promote and represent analytic data. The first three were used for ITC conferences to share information. Infographic is an appealing and efffetive way to present complex information. The conference is targeted educators and adminstrators from community colleges across the country. Other projects are used for resources at Portland Community College. My role is as an graphic designer.

Interactive Scenarios Interactive Scenarios Interactive Scenarios Interactive Scenarios Web Curriculum Web Curriculum

Instructional videos

Production process

I created these video tutorials for two groups. Most of the videos I created were for an Instructional Designer who specialized in Accessibility to be used for trainings. The voice is not my voice. I am the editor and producer for these videos.

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