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Instructional Design and Technology

A research report of the Impact of multimedia learning on e-Learning

The Impact of Multimedia Learning on E-Learning

For many years multimedia and e-Learning have become a major role in my career path. I have worked in Distance Education and deal with multimedia as my daily basis. I chose to research this subject because multimedia has been developed rapidly and affect education. It helps motivate and appeal learners to get their attention in the first step. It also can be helpful to increase cognitive learning with the three principles that Richard E. Mayer researched; first, reducing extraneous processing; second, managing essential processing; and third, fostering generative processing in multimedia learning. To read more about my research, seethe Impact of Multimedia Learning on e-Learning (PDF).

Apply cognitive learning to learning process

Applying Cognitive Theory to Multimedia

I created this presentation as part of an assignment during the time taking Visual Literacy from Western Illinois University. This visual presentation is to provide the brief best practices when designing visuals in learning.I chose the Cognitive Learning topic because it is essential and fundamental of effective learning.

media for Accessibility

Media Closed Captioning

There are a numbers of benefits for closed captioning. It is not only for disability, but also non-disability. Captions can be useful for people who have English as a second language, the environment where sound cannot be heard such as gym, lounge, and hospital. The purpose of this research is to be a helpful resource for anyone who are interested in closed captioning process. For several years, I has involved in subtitling/closed captioning in different roles. and it has become more demanding and more services to support.

The process of captioning can be cumbersome. With the development of video sharing website, such as YouTube or Amara, it makes the captioning become more friendly for users.

Media Captioning process with VHS, DVD and Web format


Tactile Graphic and Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG)

This research will report the process of converting a complex graphic to a variety of alternative media format from my experiments. It will include tactile graphics for IVEO Touchpad, print braille combined with electronic file, which can be viewed using Word document or IVEO viewer, and web graphic as SVG format. There will be several software applications and hardware involve such as Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, MS Word, IVEO Creator Pro, IVEO Viewer, and IVEO Touchpad.

The following is an example of braille tactile graphic using MS Word and print with heating machine. As a result, the high contrast part will be embossed.

Braille tactile graphic (emboss)
Braille World Map tactile graphic (emboss)

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